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University hookup

By Ink Swisting,

University <a href="">linked here</a> hookup

It’ll begin as it typically does. You, a intimately destitute, hormone-ridden Wildkitten are in your extremely first frat celebration. You’re crammed in the staircase of a grimy off campus household somehow connected to some fraternity which you, for reasons uknown, are entirely struggling to pronounce the title of. You stay beside your roommate, a scrando in your PA team, and therefore guy who Facebook messaged you 8 weeks before college started. It is reasonably uncomfortable, and also the ambiguous, watered-down fluid within the glass the inebriated bartender handed you is not doing adequate to distract you against the simple fact it’s like 200 levels and strangers are bumping into both you and the bathroom when you look at the sink are covered with week-old lasagna or puke or both.

It is possible to virtually start to see the awkwardness seeping from your skin pores, therefore in your anguish, you turn to the best thing that will help you save using this nightmare: vodka. … Continue reading